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What Our Clients Have Said 

At Urban Sol Energy, our clients are our number one priority. We strive to not only educate our clients but to make sure they are happy clients. We pride ourselves on answering and addressing all of your questions and concerns and keeping you informed throughout your project. Please take a look at what some of our clients have said about us. 

"I was surprised by how affordable it was to go solar, and the lack of upfront costs was a great motivator. My savings have been exactly what Ashleigh suggested it would be, around 40%-50% of my bill or approximately $400 each year. The knowledge, transparency, and low-pressure approach of Ashleigh ultimately "sealed the deal" in my decision to go solar."


Solar Client since 2018

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"Ashleigh did an amazing job of explaining the product, the services, and by walking us through the process and explaining all of the costs, savings, and expectations. It was completely transparent, easy to understand, and overall a no-brainer to do. I was so impressed by her that she was able to work with me on the spot and get me signed up for services as well. We were so pleased with Ashleigh's efficiency and professionalism that I’ve already referred three of my neighbors to her as well."

Mr. Park
Solar Client Since 2019

"Ashleigh came to my house and spent the time going over my solar needs, financing options, CPS rebate, 2021 tax rebate, and the process for installation. So knowledgeable! I now have an app as well as a portal online to my solar array where I can monitor everything, my energy bill in the heat of summer was only $19"

Solar Client since 2020


"Ashleigh the solar consultant was very respectful when she came to my house. I didn't feel rushed to make a decision on solar and she explained everything so we felt comfortable moving forward with her."

Solar Client since 2020

"We worked with Ashleigh T who was super helpful and informative. Even though we decided this was not a good time to move forward with this investment, Ashleigh was  looking out for the best solution possible for us"

Found out solar wasn't a good fit

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"Ashleigh was able to help me overcome all the doubts I had about installing solar panels on my roof. She helped me understand public subsidies, energy savings, and financing. She will take ample time to walk you through the decision process. Most importantly, she will stay in touch after the sale as she wants to build up a relationship with her customers.
I can tell that Ashleigh is in the solar industry for the long run, which makes her a reliable source of information. I highly recommend working with her."

Mr. Poncelet

"When I first started looking for solar companies I came across Ashleigh. I put in for a quote and was contacted. She was very helpful and assisted me through the whole process. Ashleigh was amazing!!"

Solar Client since 2020

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