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Switching  to Solar Panels

We at Urban Sol Energy believe that solar should be easy and accessible to everyone. We offer Zero, No Money Out Of Pocket Programs so switching to solar is simple. We will help you reallocate the money you are already spending on electric bills and help you put that money into owning your own clean renewable energy. The process of owning your own energy is simple, we will be here throughout the whole process to guide you 


We will sit down with you to discover your unique needs and guide you to a personalized energy solution that

works best for you, even if it turns out not to be solar. With our years of experience, we love educating and sharing our knowledge with our clients. Questions are always encouraged and welcomed. 


Our team of professional engineers and designers will first look at your roof and your electric usage. This will help us determine if we can help reduce our energy bills and meet your sustainability goals. 


After that, they utilize our software (backed by PV watts and The National Renewable Energy Laboratory) which helps us determine certain standards for a successful solar project.


We will first look at the position of your roof, then do a shade analysis to make sure solar will produce optimally. After that, we will analyze your usage to determine how many panels will be the best fit for your home.


To get solar panels on your roof we need to go through a permit process, don't worry we will take care of all of this for you. Each city and state is different, they come with their own timelines and project deadlines. Luckily our team has experience with all of them so your project will be a smooth transition into clean energy. 

We also have in-house Project Coordinators who will handle your project from start to finish. So you'll never have to stress or worry about the details. You can just relax and enjoy some sun and tacos! 

Solar Panels_edited.jpg

Our professional crew will come out to your house on your planned installation day to start the process of getting solar on your roof. There may be a little noise but don't worry, that just means they're doing their job right! 


Here is the fun part! Your system will be turned on so your home can start using clean renewable energy. Yup, that's right all of the things in your house can be powered by solar panels. So get to making memories in your solar-powered home knowing that you’re part of the clean energy movement.

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